Advanced Massage Therapy


Advanced Massage Therapy
An Integrative approach
In my practice I have had the oppurtunity to build on the experience and lineage of my fathers skills and experience as a bodyworker. When my father passed away over 15 years ago I inherited his table along with his vast collection of books of various modalities.
Since schooling and licensure I have been picking up where he left off, progressively developing more than 13years of experience as an advanced practiioner. Ive dedicated thousands of hours of continuing education and personal study in anatomy, physiology, new sciences and research that continually evolve this generation of bodyworkers.
 This is not what sets me apart.........its the results and successes of my clients reaching their goals that does.

This integration is a dynamic application of bodywork......

Stretching should be a part of everyones lifestyle 

Is Stretching Effective?

In my experience those who find stretching either ineffective or painful are often NOT properly stretching.  Those  who are in pain need to stretch in a way that guides the soft tissues of the body, not shocking it.  
I have been successfully stretching for health, pain relief and as a martial artist for over 20 years. In my experience those who learn proper stretching techniques cannot hurt themselves and can benefit significantly. In many cases its essential to their lifestyle.
Those with unbalanced stiff soft tissue (Not to be confused with built muscle mass) that is resistant to stretching  can also benefit but often require more finesse in their practice.
  1. Soft Tissue Quality
    Its important to recognize the quality or condition of each persons soft tissue. Is the tissue hard and fibrotic? Is it soft and pliable? Is the soft tissue hydrated.Are there tissue adhesions? Is there excessive scar tissue inhibiting functioning? These are questions that I ask during all sessions.
  2. When To Refer Clients
    When certain condition arise where clients are having a hard time reaching their goals. Sometimes refering those to other practitioner for additional assistance and guidance can prove very valuable for the clients goals. With the years of working with other knowledgeable, nutritionists, integrative doctors, accupunturists other manual therapist I've developed a solid network of quality professionals.

People of all walks of life can benefit from advanced soft tissue work

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